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Performance classification and application areas of PC / ABS Alloy Granules

Jan. 13. 2020

PC / ABS Alloy Granules can combine the excellent performance of both. On the one hand, it improves the heat resistance and tensile strength of ABS; on the other hand, it reduces the melt viscosity of PC, improves the processability, and reduces the sensitivity of product internal stress and impact strength to product thickness.

PC and ABS have certain compatibility. However, the compatibility of PC and ABS is greatly affected by factors such as the two-component model, ratio and processing technology. In order to effectively improve interfacial compatibility, the most effective method is to add a compatibilizer to the blending system.

PC / ABS Alloy Granules

PC / ABS Alloy Granules

1.General-purpose PC / ABS alloy

It has high impact resistance, excellent toughness; high weld line strength; good chemical resistance, good heat resistance; high fluidity, easy to process and other characteristics, can be used for mobile phones and other thin-walled products.

2.High thermal stability PC / ABS alloy

High-temperature resistance and stable material performance.

3.Flame-retardant PC / ABS Material Alloy Granules

Flame retardant PC / ABS alloy with high flow, high heat resistance 1.5mm V-0, 2.0mm 5VB halogen-free flame retardant material, has been widely used in electronics, household appliances, communication tools, automobile manufacturing and other industries.

4. Low-odor PC / ABS alloy has a lower odor and meets the PV3900 standard for automobile interior trim test odor. It is especially suitable for injection molding into various automotive interior trim parts.

5. In addition to the bright appearance of electroplated PC / ABS alloy materials, it can also increase the weather resistance, surface hardness and wear resistance of plastics, showing a variety of texture characteristics. It can be widely used in dashboards and sub-dashboards, outer door handles, hubcaps, rear license plate trims, fog lamp car grills, instrument panel skeletons, electronic appliances, power tool housings, fitness equipment and other electroplated parts.

6. Matte PC / ABS alloy material is mainly used in automotive interior materials. It is not only beautiful but also reduces visual fatigue and improves driving safety. PC / ABS alloy material has high heat resistance, high mechanical strength and high fluidity. Free coloring according to customer requirements, spray-free can not only reduce customer costs but also reduce environmental pollution. It is widely used in automotive interiors and high-end consumer electronics.

Advantages of PC / ABS alloy

I. Advantages of thermoplastic PC / ABS alloy plastic: PC / ABS alloy combines the advantages of PC with excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, high toughness, and good fluidity and processability of ABS. Toughness and heat resistance, good impact strength, excellent UV resistance.

2. The application of thermoplastic PC / ABS alloy plastics: can be widely used in general structural parts, thin-walled and complex shaped products, automobile grille, instrument panel skeleton, electronic appliances, power tool shells, fitness cars, etc.

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