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New Energy Vehicle

With the increasing demand for environmental protection and energy conservation, the development of new energy vehicles has become more and more important. Xinyite is consistently involving in the R&D of innovative plastic material solutions for the development of new energy Vehicles.

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The use of plastic compounds in the automobile industry has revolutionized the design and manufacturing of vehicles, replacing traditional materials such as metal and glass. These advanced materials offer a wide range of benefits, including lightweight construction, improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, enhanced safety, and greater design flexibility.
Engineering plastic compounds offer excellent strength, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal stability and impact resistance, making them ideal for components that require structural integrity and durability. These materials can withstand harsh conditions, vibrations, and impacts, ensuring the long-term reliability and safety of automotive parts.

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Household Appliance

The use of plastic compounds in the household appliance industry has significantly improved the quality, reliability, and functionality of our everyday appliances. These materials contribute to the development of household appliances that are safer, durable, more efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. As technology continues to advance, the demand for engineering plastic compounds in this industry is expected to grow, driving further innovation and shaping the future of household appliances.

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With the rapid development of electronic products, which are dominated by "green, effcient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly", Xinyite Consistently responds with more innovative material solutions to meet the functional requirements for the industrial electronic industry.

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5G Telecommunication

Modified Plastics are widely used in the communication engineering Industry to effectively solve the shortcomings of the steel shell manufacturing processes, high cost. heavy weight, easy to rust, etc., As the country is in a critical period of 5G indusry layout, Xinyite will continue to provide suitable material solutions for Telecommunication Industry.

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Power Tools & Machinery

Agricultural plastics play a role in the production of agricultural machinery and equipment. Components such as tractor parts, seeders, and sprayers often incorporate plastic compounds due to their lightweight nature, resistance to chemicals and weathering, and ability to reduce friction and wear. Xiniyite has deeply involved into the development of agricutural machinery plastics, aiming to produce weather resistant an durable materials to our clients.

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The company specializes in the production of high-quality thermoplastic materials, including ABS, PC, PA6,PA66, PMMA, PP etc

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