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ASTM NFR-YF01 PA66 GF50____SUZHOU XINYITE PLASTICS.pdf null 733KB 0 2023-11-16 Download
NFR-X01 PA66 GF30____SUZHOU XINYITE PLASTICS.pdf null 870KB 1 2023-11-16 Download
XYT-PA66 GF25 Thermal Strip Barrier.pdf null 732KB 0 2023-11-16 Download
PA66 GF20____SUZHOU XINYITE PLASTICS(1).pdf null 715KB 0 2023-11-16 Download
FR-V0-PA66(03)____SUZHOU XINYITE PLASTICS.pdf null 851KB 0 2023-11-16 Download
XYT-PA ASA TDS.pdf null 619KB 0 2023-11-15 Download
XYT- PCPBT V0.pdf null 747KB 0 2023-11-15 Download
ISO XYT-FR V0 PA66 GF30(Br).pdf null 719KB 4 2023-11-15 Download
XYT-ASA 530T Data sheet.pdf null 612KB 0 2023-11-15 Download
ISO FR PA66 GF25(Br)____SUZHOU XINYITE PLASTICS.pdf null 850KB 1 2023-11-15 Download
PMMA ASA XINYITE.pdf null 618KB 2 2023-11-15 Download
ISO FR PA66 GF25(Br)____SUZHOU XINYITE PLASTICS.pdf null 850KB 0 2023-11-15 Download
ISO TOUGHENING PA66 GF14____SUZHOU XINYITE PLASTICS.pdf null 868KB 1 2023-11-15 Download
XYT---ZRX01 V0 PA6 GF30____SUZHOU XINYITE PLASTICS.pdf null 878KB 1 2023-11-14 Download
FR V0 PA6 GF20____SUZHOU XINYITE PLASTICS.pdf null 871KB 2 2023-11-14 Download
(XYTZR) V0 PA6____SUZHOU XINYITE PLASTICS.pdf null 867KB 2 2023-11-14 Download
PA6 GF50 SZ XINYITE_TDS.pdf null 175KB 1 2023-11-14 Download
(XYT-4.02.210169) PA6 GF30____SUZHOU XINYITE PLASTICS.pdf null 722KB 2 2023-11-14 Download
PP GF50-TDS XYT.pdf null 512KB 0 2023-11-13 Download
ISO AS GF20____SUZHOU XINYITE PLASTICS.pdf null 873KB 2 2023-11-13 Download

The company specializes in the production of high-quality thermoplastic materials, including ABS, PC, PA6,PA66, PMMA, PP etc

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