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The Use of Modified PA66 Materials that You Do Not Know

Aug. 30. 2019

PP Modified Material plastic has good comprehensive performance, high mechanical strength, good stiffness, excellent toughness, excellent mechanical shock absorption and wears resistance, and it shines in many industries.

Modified PA66 reinforced flame retardant materials are mainly used in the fields of automobile, machinery industry, electronic appliances, precision instruments and so on. From the end-user point of view, the modified PA66 reinforced flame retardant nylon consumed by the automotive industry took the first place, and electronic appliances accounted for the second place.

Automobile industry:

In the automotive industry, due to the excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, strength and ease of processing of the modified Flame Retardant Nylon PA66 Granules, it has been used in a large number of applications and can now be used in almost all parts of automobiles, such as Engine parts, electrical parts and body parts. Engine components include intake and fuel systems, such as engine cylinder covers, throttles, air cleaner housings, automotive air horns, automotive air conditioning hoses, cooling fans, and their enclosures, inlet pipes, brake oil tanks, etc. Body parts include outer door handles, hub caps, glove boxes, instrument covers, and more. In the car electrical aspects such as electronically controlled doors and windows, connectors, crisper, cable ties, etc. also use PA66.

Flame Retardant Nylon PA66 Granules

Flame Retardant Nylon PA66 Granules

Mechanical equipment industry:

In terms of mechanical equipment, the door handle of the train passenger car, the brake disc of the truck, etc. can be made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon PA66 Granules material. Others such as insulating gaskets, baffle seats, turbines on ships. Propeller shafts, augers, plain bearings, etc. can also be made of modified PA66. High impact resistance PA66 can also be used to make pipe wrenches, plastic molds, radio control vehicles and more. Unreinforced grades PA66 are commonly used to make low creep, non-corrosive nuts, bolts, screws, nozzles, etc.; glass-reinforced PA66 is used to produce chains, conveyor belts, blades, gears, impellers, and scaffolding anchors.

Electronics industry:

In addition, the modified PA66 plastic can produce electronic and electrical insulation parts, precision electronic equipment parts, electrical lighting equipment and electronic and electrical parts in the electrical and electronic industry, which can be used to make rice cookers, electric vacuum cleaners, high-frequency electronic food heaters, etc. Modified PA66 has excellent solder resistance and is widely used in the production of junction boxes, switches, and resistors. The flame retardant modified PA66 can be used for color TV wire clips, clips and focus knobs.

It can be said that the use of modified PA66 materials has been closely related to our daily behavior. It is foreseeable that in the future, modified PA66 materials will be further developed, affecting all aspects of our lives.