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What is the Role of Electret Masterbatch in a Mask?

May. 09. 2020

Under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, masks have become a necessity. So how do we distinguish which masks have the function of blocking viruses? The following PP Modified Material Supplier will take you to understand the classification of masks and the magical role of electret masterbatch in masks.

For medical masks, it is generally divided into three layers: the first layer is a waterproof sterilization layer, the second layer is a filter electret layer, and the third layer is a water-absorbing skin-friendly layer. The main function of virus filtering to the mask is the very fine and static filter cloth --- melt-blown non-woven fabric.

Electret Masterbatch

The second layer of electret meltblown cloth with electret masterbatch and electret high voltage electrical treatment is the core part. The melt blown cloth will be charged only after the electret treatment, so that it will be equally charged at 0.3-micron virus particles to have an efficient adsorption effect. And for this static electricity to be stored, it requires the material composition and structure to make the electret conducive to charge retention. In the process of electrostatic storage and charge retention, the addition of electret masterbatch plays a vital role. The magic of it is that the addition of a small amount of electret masterbatch can increase the density and depth of the charge, trapping energy in the melt-blown non-woven fabric, effectively release negative ions and store charge to improve the comprehensive filtration of the melt-blown non-woven fabric.

In the case of the same fiber fineness and gram weight, electret masterbatch can reduce the resistance of non-woven products and improve the filtration efficiency of non-woven products. It has a good electret effect and improves the filter efficiency of meltblown cloth; It has good adaptability to melt-blown materials. This product is based on ultra-high flow polypropylene, along adding a charge inducer with a special structure and using imported additives. The equipment makes it evenly dispersed in the matrix, which greatly improves the product's adaptability to melt-blown non-woven fabric processing, its comprehensive filtering effect and heat attenuation resistance while reducing the risk of blocking the network. This product has a high charge retention rate, low decay value, and long charge retention period. According to the customer's different processes, the recommended dosage is 2-4%, and the general product dosage is 3%.

The filtering effect of PP MFI1500 for Melt Blown Fabric can reach above 95 levels, and the proportion of electret masterbatch is about 3%.