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Application of Xinyite Reinforced Toughened Nylon 66 in the High-speed Rail Industry

Aug. 09. 2019

Nylon PA66 Granules, abbreviated as PA66, is a material with high strength and rigidity. It is a crystalline engineering material with excellent creep resistance, fatigue resistance and wears resistance. After modification, the strength and toughness will be greatly improved, which can fully meet the requirements of materials for railway equipment.

With the implementation of railway transportation speed increase, polymer material components are more and more widely used in new track structures. The development of the plastics industry has further improved the variety, quantity, and properties of engineering plastics especially enhanced toughening modification. The application of composite materials in railway engineering projects is also becoming more and more extensive, and domestic railway track equipment uses a large number of plastic materials.

The nylon baffle seat is an important part for protecting the sleeper shoulder, ensuring insulation and maintaining the gauge. It requires high toughness and high strength and insulation properties. The low-temperature impact properties of pure nylon 66 cannot meet the requirements of nylon baffle materials, which requires that the PA66 GF30 Granules must be toughened and modified to form a composite modified material.

Nylon PA66 Granules

Nylon PA66 Granules

The nylon baffle seat is made of high strength and toughened nylon 66 composite material with nylon 66 as the base material, and the nylon 66 is toughened by the composite toughening system formed by the elastomer and the rubber. The modified nylon 66 product has good impact resistance, high low-temperature impact strength, and low compression residual deformation.

Xinyite is committed to the development of modified plastics for 20 years. Its GF Reinforced Nylon PA66 material has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life. In particular, it has excellent high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, and good insulation performance. It has been widely used in various railway lines across the country.