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What Are Reinforced Nylon and Toughened Nylon?

Jun. 25. 2019

As a Flame Retardant PA6 Factory, let's talk about reinforced nylon and toughened nylon.

1. Reinforced nylon:

Reinforced nylon has high strength and modulus. With the increase of glass fiber or carbon fiber content, the tensile strength and bending strength of nylon are greatly improved, the impact strength is more complicated, the toughening agent is added, and the toughness of nylon is greatly increased. The improvement of the addition of 30% to 35% of glass fiber, 8% to 12% of a toughening agent, nylon has the best comprehensive mechanical properties. Such as GF Reinforced Nylon PA66.

GF Reinforced Nylon PA66

2. Toughened nylon:

Many engineering plastics cannot meet the special use environment. For example, there are many materials with insufficient toughness and brittleness. It can increase the toughness and low-temperature performance of nylon by adding tougher materials or ultra-fine inorganic materials.

Toughener: An additive added to a resin to reduce the brittleness of the plastic after hardening and to increase its impact strength and elongation. Such as Toughening Nylon PA6 Granules.

Toughening Nylon PA6 Granules

6. Enhanced Toughened Nylon:

Mainly divided into weathering and toughening nylon special materials, glass fiber reinforced modified engineering plastics and other products.

Weathering and toughening PA special material is a new polypropylene material with engineering plastic properties. It has the advantages of good low-temperature toughness, small molding shrinkage, high rigidity, and strong weather resistance. It is mainly used in outdoor environments where weather resistance and ultraviolet rays are required. Its main consumer groups are home appliance companies and auto parts companies.