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The use of PP GF Reinforced Materials in Oral Care Industry

Apr. 09. 2020

The use of PP GF Reinforced Materials in Oral Care Industry

PP GF30 materials---Dental Floss Pick with brush

The emergence of dental floss brush in the market is a new revolution in the method of cleaning teeth. Different from normal HIPS dental flow pick, the latest floss pick develops in the spiral shape with TPE coating, which is both soft and rigid.

The use of dental floss brush is already very common in developed countries, and it is an indispensable necessity for people to travel at home. Using dental floss brush to clean their teeth after a meal is just like people washing their hands before meals and rinsing after meals. That’s an indispensable program.

As a general-purpose plastic, PP has rich raw material sources and competitive prices. Compared with other general-purpose plastics, it has better comprehensive properties, such as relatively low density, excellent processing performance, and higher yield strength, tensile strength and elastic modulus. It also has better resistance to stress cracking and chemical resistance. Its products are non-toxic, tasteless, and have good gloss, so they are widely used in the field of daily necessities. Whether the PP material for dental floss rods is suitable has entered the scope of research, but PP has a large molding shrinkage, high brittleness, low notched impact strength, and poor mechanical properties, which greatly limits the further promotion and application of PP. Therefore, the PP is modified, PP GF materials with high toughness and high impact strength appears to meet the requirements. 


The modified PP material for dental floss rods is glass fiber PP GF materials with toughness addictives. After adding glass fiber, the material has the characteristics of high rigidity, high toughness, high heat resistance and good stable moldability. The Glass Fiber Reinforced PP, PP GF30 Material will not deform and also have Good dimensional stability. In addition, the addition of appropriate tougheners also ensures the toughness of the material, achieving a balance between toughness and rigidity, ensuring people’s oral health.

PP GF30 MaterialPP GF30 Material

The reinforced and toughened PP GF30 floss rods produced by Xinyite Plastic are suitable for the health of the oral cavity. Nowadays, people are increasingly concerned about oral health, and this PP GF30 material is widely chosen by the majority of manufacturers.