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Properties of Modified PA GF-added Materials and Applications

Sep. 25. 2019

PA has excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, chemical resistance, self-lubricating properties, and good molding processability. Over the years, production has occupied a very important proportion in the five major engineering plastics and has been growing steadily in replacing traditional metal structural materials. Such as automotive parts, mechanical parts, electronic appliances, and other fields are widely used. However, the heat resistance and acid resistance of the PA material also fail to meet the specific application requirements, and the impact strength is low in the dry state and the low temperature; the water absorption rate and the molding shrinkage rate are large, which affects the dimensional stability and electrical properties of the product. In order to make PA use in different fields, it has been modified to optimize the mechanical strength and heat resistance of PA materials. Such as Fiber Reinforced Nylon PA66 Material.

GF Reinforced PA6

GF Reinforced PA6

Automotive intake manifolds typically use a modified PA fiberizing material. At present, improving combustion efficiency and reducing weight is a major challenge for automotive suppliers. The current market direction is to integrate functions and replace aluminum alloys and steel with plastics. The intake manifold is one of the parts made with PA fiber-reinforced materials such as GF Reinforced PA6. At present, all car manufacturers use the intake manifold made of PA material. In 2012, the global application of modified PA plus fiber was about 80,000 tons. The intake manifold made of modified PA fiber-added material has lightweight, low cost, smooth manifold surface, good heat insulation effect, can improve engine performance, reduce noise, low investment in production equipment, and is beneficial to environmental protection. advantage.

The air intake manifold PA 6 GF produced by Xinyite has superior rigidity and heat resistance, strong plasticity, high mechanical strength, and excellent wear resistance. It meets the material selection criteria for products that require impact resistance and high strength. Recognized by major auto manufacturers.