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PP+EPDM+TD Materials in Automotive Use

Apr. 29. 2020

PP+EPDM+TD Materials in Automotive Use

Ø Injection grade, 10%~35% talc filled PP material with EPDM, low VOC, high strength, high toughness, low shrinkage

Ø Automotive Use: Front-end Grille/Air intake grille, Anti-rob Strip, ABC Pillar, Car Bumper.


PP Talc Filled with EPDM is one kind of modified PP materials. Talc filler, normally 10%-30%, is a good way to increase material rigidity, in the mean time controlling good toughness by adding EPDM addictives. This material is suitable for automotive use, especially Anti Rob strip, ABC Piller, Car Bumper etc. The modified materials are high in rigidity, high in impact resistance, good in dimensional stability, low in VOC and low in shrinkage.


High rigidity, high impact resistant, low shrinkage, good dimensional stability.

PP Talc Filled with EPDM

PP+EPDM+TD28 (Anti Rob Strip)

High rigidity, low shrinkage, strong paint adhesion

PP Talc Filled with EPDM\


Low VOC, high fluidity, high impact, high rigidity

PP EPDM TD Materials in Automotive Use