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Appplication of PP compoud

May. 13. 2019

Characteristics and application of modified PP materials

PP material is light, non-toxic, colorless, corrosion-resistant, chemical-resistant, low-priced, and has excellent comprehensive performance. After the modification of PP material by Xinyite, the glass fiber reinforced modified PP, high gloss modified PP, mineral filled modified PP, flame retardant modified PP, etc. are widely used in our life.

Glass fiber reinforced PP:

Glass fibers are added to the plastic to increase the strength of the plastic material. Glass fiber is the main reinforcing material. The reinforced PP with glass fiber has higher heat resistance. It can also significantly improve rigidity and impact resistance. In addition, due to the high strength of the glass fiber, the tensile strength, compressive strength and bending strength of the PP are also enhanced. Glass fiber reinforced modifications are commonly used in fan blades, heater grilles, impeller pumps, lampshades, electric furnaces and heater

High Gloss modified PP:

The brightener and other auxiliaries are added to the plastic, and the modified product is bright and shiny, and is applied to no melt marks, no flow marks, no flow lines, no sink marks, and the product has a bright surface shell product, such as in a computer, Connector, or the outer casing of the household appliance and the product with a flat surface.

Mineral filled modified PP:

Minerals such as calcium carbonate, talc, wollastonite, and mica powder are added to the PP raw material. It can not only enhance the weather resistance, glass fiber strength, flame retardancy and mechanical properties of the modified PP material to a certain extent, but can also greatly reduce the cost of the modified PP material, and has a major application in the field of household appliances. For example, the inner barrel of the washing machine, the microwave oven parts, the rice cooker, etc.

Flame Retardant PP:

In addition to the use of mineral filling in PP raw materials, the addition of flame retardants to PP raw materials can also be used for flame retardant purposes. Flame retardant modified PP materials have the property of significantly delaying flame spread. It is generally used to produce modified PP of heat resistant grade. Mainly used in small household appliances, such as iron, rice cooker shell and so on.

Appplication of PP compoud