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When Nylon PA6 meets the automotive industry, is it an opportunity or a challenge?

Nov. 29. 2019

With the rapid development of science and technology in the 21st century, energy-saving and emission reduction as an important focus of development, plastic replacement steel has also become the trend of material selection in emerging industries. In the automotive industry, Modified Nylon PA6 Granules For Automotive Parts has been widely used, such as charging device, charging pile shell, battery module shell, car connector, electric vehicle charging cable on new energy vehicles.

High-performance reinforced nylon materials for automobiles have excellent weather resistance, good paint performance and outstanding performance effects. In order to meet the requirements for automotive interior and exterior decoration, high-performance modified PA6 nylon materials with the following characteristics have been developed:

(1) High heat resistance, long-term use;

(2) Excellent combination of rigidity and toughness;

(3) Able to meet the constant changes of temperature and humidity and withstand huge strains;

(4) Excellent dimensional stability and anti-warping effect;

(5) With high surface quality and smooth surface.

Flame Retardant PA6 Factory believes that in the current environment, cars need to solve not only speed, but also comfort, stability and fuel consumption, and even the warranty and maintenance of the entire car. This series of problems are gathered together, that is, the choice of materials for automobile manufacturing. To solve these problems, it is impossible to rely on steel materials to support this road. It is necessary to greatly reduce the weight of the car itself. One of the reasons why nylon PA6 granules for automotive parts is receiving attention.

After research, Nylon PA6 granules for automotive parts has been able to further improve performance on the basis of reducing its own weight, and even reach the point of surpassing steel. This is no longer a simple replacement process, we can also consider it as an upgrade. The widespread application of Nylon PA6 granules for automotive parts has once again contributed to the next step in advancements, such as artificial intelligence, including autonomous driving, automatic parking, lane shifting, and constant speed cruise. If only relying on steel materials for the next development, automotive intelligence will be late for many years. This is a new opportunity and challenge.

Glass Fiber PA6 GF Granules

Glass Fiber PA6 GF Granules

Glass Fiber PA6 GF Granules is a filler material such as long fiber, short fiber or toughening agent added to the nylon chip so that the performance indicators such as tensile strength of modified nylon can make a qualitative leap. Due to the physical properties of these additives, the related physical properties of glass fiber reinforced nylon PA6 GF granules have also been changed. For example, the addition of glass fiber will increase the heat the resistance of the material, and the addition of a toughening agent will make the material reduces fluidity, the addition of some antioxidants can even increase the useful life of the product.

Modified Nylon PA6 granules for automotive parts is just a small test, to follow the trend, we are in a fast-changing era, and more new nylon materials will be born in the future.