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Do you know PBT Compound?

Mar. 31. 2020

PBT Compound has excellent toughness and fatigue resistance, good heat resistance, weather resistance, good electrical properties, and low water absorption. Modified PBT engineering plastics are used to strengthen and flame retardant them, so as to improve their heat resistance, flame retardancy, dimensional stability and modulus, and are used in automotive, electronic and electrical industries.

Application of modified PBT GF engineering plastics in the field of electronics

To achieve intelligent appliances, not only the design and electrical needs to meet technical standards, the plastics used in the internal circuit control system must meet the requirements of high glow wire and high CTI (tracking index of leakage. Comprehensive properties of modified PBT engineering plastics) comprehensively, it is applied to electronic and electrical components through modification such as reinforcement, flame retardant, low warpage, high GWFI / GWIT, high CTI, high glow wire, and high flow.

In the field of electronics, modified PBT engineering plastics are used in capacitor housings, high-end induction cooker coils, rice cooker socket connectors, micro-switches, timers, coil bobbins, etc.

In the field of electronics and electronics, many buyers require UL certification for modified PBT engineering plastics when looking for materials, especially products that need to be exported.

  • PBT GF flame Retardant materials for connectors

The connector is a bridge between signals and an indispensable component for transmitting electronic signals and power connections. The balanced physical properties and price of PBT meet the needs of the connector. PBT is usually added with 20-30% glass fiber as a connector. PBT is widely used because of its mechanical properties, solvent resistance, good formability and low price.

  • PBT GF30 plastic for cooling fans

The second major use of PBT is to use it as a cooling fan. The cooling fan is placed in the machine for a long time to help dissipate heat. The physical properties of plastics require heat resistance, flame resistance, insulation and mechanical strength. PBT usually uses 30% fiber. The form is used as the outer frame of the cooling fan and the fan coil shaft. Our company has Glass Fiber Reinforced PBT Granules for sale.

  • PBT GF30 plastic for coil shaft

The third use of PBT is as a coil shaft in transformers and relays. Generally, 60-70% of PBT is added to the fiber for injection molding. The physical properties required for the coil shaft include insulation, heat resistance, solder resistance, fluidity, strength, etc. The applicable materials are phenolic resin, PBT, PA6, PET. Phenolic resins have good properties, but their mold ability is not as good as PBT. Therefore, products with small size and complex shapes are made of PBT plastic. Although PBT solder joints have poor heat resistance, they have increased environmental awareness in Europe, America, Japan, and other countries.

Modified PBT

Application of modified PBT engineering plastics in automotive field

The modified PBT material can meet the different functional requirements of various automotive parts. For example, automotive interior materials should have outstanding properties such as high temperature resistance, low gloss, and high weather resistance. Exterior trim parts must have high strength, high toughness, and durability. Environmental conditions and impact resistance.

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