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Application of GF Reinforced PA66 for High-speed Railway

Sep. 11. 2019

Glass fiber is a common engineering material, and glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 for high-speed iron is modified nylon fiber. When the modified nylon 66 is added with glass fiber, its flexural strength, tensile strength, and notched impact strength are greatly improved.

PA66 Compound, or PA66 for short, is one of the most important engineering plastics in the world. It has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, high rigidity, high melting point, small specific gravity, anti-friction, oil resistance, and heat resistance. Widely used in transportation, medical equipment, electronics industry, daily necessities, sporting goods, and other fields. However, since it contains a large number of acid amine groups, it has strong water absorption, resulting in dimensional instability and poor performance, and also needs to be improved in terms of friction resistance, heat resistance and stability. With the continuous development of China's economy and the increasing population, people's attention to high-speed railways has gradually increased. How to increase the performance of nylon 66 is crucial.

GF Reinforced Nylon PA66

GF Reinforced Nylon PA66

Usually, people use glass fiber to improve the performance of nylon 66. However, it is worth noting that the amount of nylon 66 added has a great impact on performance. With the increase of the amount of glass fiber added by PA66, tensile strength, notched impact strength, and flexural strength all showed an upward trend. However, after the glass fiber content exceeds a certain range, the backpressure of the extruder is increased, which may block the screw, which is not conducive to the application of the nylon 66 material. Considering that the GF Reinforced PA66 for high-speed railway has a fiber addition capacity of about 25% to 30%, nylon 66 has the best performance and can meet the special requirements of high-speed railways for nylon materials in China.

The GF Reinforced Nylon PA66 for high-speed railways produced by Xinyite has excellent mechanical properties. High mechanical strength, lightweight, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, easy molding, and many applications in the field of high-speed rail, trusted by manufacturers.