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Effect of Toughening Agent on PA6

Jul. 26. 2019

Toughening Nylon PA6 Granules have many outstanding features, such as low-temperature toughness, improved impact strength, significantly reduced rigidity, a certain decrease in surface finish, improved water absorption, decreased processing fluidity, and a certain increase in molding shrinkage.

At present, the main classification of toughening agents is rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, rigid polymers, and inorganic rigid particles. The rubber toughening effect is good, but the bending strength is lowered, and the compatibility with nylon is relatively poor, resulting in a decrease in mechanical properties other than the toughness of the material.

At present, the toughening agent widely used is a thermoplastic elastomer. After grafting treatment, the compatibility with the base material is greatly improved, and the toughening effect is comparable to that of rubber, but the influence on other mechanical properties is much smaller than that of rubber. A large number of studies on inorganic rigid particles have shown that the particle size has a certain toughening effect at the nanometer level, but it is not very significant.

Toughening Nylon PA6 Granules

Toughener thermoplastic elastomer, taking maleic anhydride grafted POE as an example, there are two important factors, one of which is the added amount. Under normal circumstances, when the addition amount is less than 10%, the effect is not obvious. Only when the content is exceeded, the toughness of the material will be greatly improved, and the ideal addition amount is 10% to 30%; another important influencing factor is the grafting of POE. rate. As the grafting rate increases, the tensile strength and elongation at break of the material increase, and the impact strength increases at the beginning, but a large number of experiments show that there is still an optimal grafting rate for impact strength. Instead of being bigger, the bigger the better.

Nylon PA6 Granules with the toughening agent can maintain excellent physical properties in the low-temperature environment. Although the strength, rigidity and heat resistance are lower than that of the parent nylon, the impact strength can be increased by more than 10 times. Their flexibility and resistance The impact ability, low-temperature resistance, and wear resistance and dimensional stability of the material are exceptionally excellent.

Xinyite's toughened PA material has strong impact resistance, excellent mechanical properties, good dimensional stability, and improved aging resistance, and its fatigue strength is also greatly enhanced.