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How To Choose The Right Engineering Plastic?

Jun. 12. 2019

Engineering plastics can be used as engineering materials and plastics that replace metal parts for machine parts. Engineering plastics have excellent comprehensive performance, high rigidity, small creep, high mechanical strength, good heat resistance, good electrical insulation, long-term use in harsh chemical and physical environments, and can be used as an alternative structural material for metal. But the price is more expensive and the output is smaller.

So how do we choose the engineering plastics that suit us? As a company that provides pa66 gf30 plastic material, let us introduce it to you.

The first step: understanding the classification of engineering plastics

Engineering plastics are divided into high-temperature advanced engineering plastics and medium-temperature general engineering plastics. First, determine what type of engineering plastics you need, and then choose the right engineering plastics from the large categories of engineering plastics.

pa66 gf30 plastic material

Step 2: Understand the types of engineering plastics

High-temperature advanced engineering plastics include PBI, PI, PAI, PPS, PEEK, PEI, PSU, PVDF, PTFE, Semitron Esd, MC antistatic nylon, FR4/STONE.

Medium temperature general engineering plastics include PA, POM, PET, PC, PE-UHMW, Polyurethane.

The third step: performance analysis of engineering plastics

Different environments have different engineering plastics requirements, so we have to choose according to the characteristics of each engineering plastic.

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