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Do you know the characteristics of Talc Filled PP Granules?

Dec. 20. 2019

PP materials PP uses:

According to different uses, mainly used in the fields of drawing, fiber, injection, BOPP film, etc.;

Copolymer polypropylene is mainly used in household appliances, injection parts, modified raw materials, direct-use products, pipes, etc.

Characteristics of PP plastic materials

1. Colorless, tasteless and non-toxic.

2. Appearance is white wax, but transparent than PE.

3. Low density: 0.9-0.91 g / m3, which is one of the lightest plastics.

4. has particularly high bending fatigue strength-one hundred percent rubber.

5. Good heat resistance (120).

6. good resistance to boiling water and steam (high pressure disinfection products).

7. aging under the action of heat, oxygen and light.

Talc Filled PP Granules

Talc Filled PP Granules

PP Modified Material is generally used to modify PP plastics by adding minerals to enhance toughness, weather resistance modification, glass fiber reinforcement, and flame retardant modification. The following describes one of the commonly used talc filled PP granules:

Talc Filled PP Granules Features:

The addition of talcum powder can change the various properties of plastics, such as molding shrinkage, surface hardness, flexural modulus, tensile strength, impact strength, thermal deformation temperature, molding process and product dimensional stability, etc.

Although automobile lightweight is not a new term, it has been mentioned more and more frequently in the past two years. Today, the focus is on the application of talc in automotive modified materials.

1. The effect of talc on the properties of modified PP for automobiles:

Talc powder has an impact on the tensile and bending properties of PP modified materials for automotive lampshades. With the increase of the amount of talc, the flexural modulus of the modified material also gradually increases. When the content reaches about 30%, when the tensile strength reaches the peak, the tensile strength of the modified material decreases, and the rigidity of the product is greatly improved .

2. Effect of talc on thermal deformation temperature and molding shrinkage of PP modified materials for automobiles:

With the increase of the amount of talc, the heat distortion temperature of the modified material also gradually increased. Because the addition of talc powder greatly increases the rigidity of the material; while increasing the rigidity, the heat resistance is also improved accordingly, so that the heat deformation temperature is gradually increased.

The effect of the number of talc on the thermal deformation temperature and shrinkage of the modified material can be seen that the effect of talc on the shrinkage of the modified material is more obvious. As the amount of talc increases, the shrinkage of the modified material decreases.

3. The impact of talc powder on impact toughness of automotive PP modifiers:

When the talc content reaches 30%, when the impact toughness reaches its peak, the impact toughness of the polypropylene modified material decreases.

After polypropylene is filled with a certain amount of talc material, the tensile, bending and impact properties are improved, which makes up for some of the shortcomings of PP mechanical properties, and provides great advantages for the application of filled modified PP in the automotive industry.

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