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Characteristics and Application of Modified Nylon

Jul. 03. 2019

Due to the nature of its own nylon, it performs well in automotive, electrical equipment, machinery, transportation equipment, textiles, paper machinery, and so on. With the miniaturization of automobiles, the high performance of electrical and electronic equipment, and the acceleration of the weight reduction of mechanical equipment, the demand for nylon will be even higher. In particular, nylon, as a structural material, places high demands on its strength, heat resistance, and cold resistance. The inherent shortcomings of nylon are also important factors limiting its application. Especially for PA6 and Nylon PA66 Granules, it has a strong price advantage compared with PA46 and PAl2, although some properties cannot meet the development of related industries. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the application field by modifying and improving some of its properties for a certain application field. Mainly modified in the following aspects:

1. Improve the water absorption of nylon and improve the dimensional stability of the product.

2. Improve the flame retardancy of nylon to meet the requirements of the electronics, electrical, communications and other industries.

3. Improve the mechanical strength of nylon to achieve the strength of metal materials, replacing metals.

Nylon PA66 Granules

4. Improve the low-temperature resistance of nylon and enhance its resistance to environmental strain.

5. Improve the wear resistance of nylon to meet the requirements of high wear resistance.

6. Improve the antistatic properties of nylon to meet the requirements of mines and their mechanical applications.

7. Improve the heat resistance of nylon to adapt to high-temperature conditions such as automotive engines.

8. Reduce the cost of nylon and improve product competitiveness.

In short, through the above improvements, the high-performance and functionalization of nylon composite materials can be realized, and the development of products in related industries to high performance and high quality can be promoted.

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