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Why Should the Car Intake Manifold be made of Modified Nylon?

Sep. 20. 2019

The car intake manifold is the intake duct before the carburetor or throttle body to the cylinder head intake. The main function is to distribute the air and fuel mixture from the carburetor or the throttle body to the intake ports of each cylinder, which is an important part of the engine. In the development trend of automobile lightweight, more than 90% of the recent manifolds are realized with modified nylon series GF Reinforced PA66. Then, why should the automobile intake manifold be made of modified nylon? As a Flame-retardant PP Granules Factory, let's take a look at the advantages of using a modified nylon intake manifold.

1) The large degree of design freedom: The intake manifold design is complex, and the modified nylon can realize the design of the intake manifold through a thermoplastic process.

2) Cost reduction: The cost of modified nylon material is lower than that of aluminum products. The production methods are mostly injection molding, vibration friction welding process, and less molding process. Therefore, the production efficiency is high and the pass rate is relatively high.

3) Lightweight: The quality is only 40% of the aluminum intake manifold, which reduces the overall weight of the engine, thus saving fuel and vehicle maneuverability.

GF Reinforced Nylon PA66

GF Reinforced Nylon PA66

4) Performance improvement: GF Reinforced Nylon PA66 intake manifold is injection molded, the inner wall is very smooth, which is very helpful for improving the intake charge. Since the thermal conductivity of the modified nylon intake manifold is lower than that of the aluminum intake manifold, the gas has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, which increases the density of the gas and lowers the temperature at which the gas enters the combustion chamber, which not only improves the hot start. Sexuality also improves engine efficiency and torque.

5) The environmentally-friendly modified nylon intake manifold has the smooth inner wall and smooth intake air, which can make the fuel fully burned, the generation of exhaust gas can be reduced, the emission of harmful exhaust gas can be reduced, and the modified nylon waste parts can be recycled.

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