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The Best Choice for Insulation Strip Profiles - Extrusion Grade Modified PA6

Sep. 06. 2019

With the increasing use of modified PA66. Insulated aluminum alloy profiles. According to the different processing methods, it can be divided into two types: strip type and cast type. The strip type is a combination of the formed glass fiber reinforced PA66 insulation strip and the inner and outer layers of aluminum alloy by rolling. Due to the high strength of the GF Reinforced Nylon PA66 insulation strip, the linear expansion coefficient is close to that of the aluminum alloy, more than 90% of the heat-insulating aluminum alloy profiles in the world are produced by rolling.

The base resin of the PA66 insulation strip is Nylon PA66 Granules, or polyamide 66, which is one of the important varieties of engineering plastics. It has high mechanical strength and excellent wear resistance, self-lubricating and heat resistance, excellent low-temperature performance, self-extinguishing, acid and alkali resistance, and most inorganic salt aqueous solutions, oil and organic solvents. After being reinforced with glass fiber, its mechanical properties, heat resistance, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance will be improved. As a heat insulation strip, it can be used to resist wind pressure and salt spray corrosion. What is important is that the linear expansion coefficient of the GF Reinforced Nylon PA66 insulation strip is very close to that of the aluminum alloy, and the overall performance after compounding with the profile is good. It has proven to be the most ideal insulation profile developed to date and has been used in Europe for many years.

GF Reinforced Nylon PA66

GF Reinforced Nylon PA66

As a PP Compound Supplier, Xinyite is committed to modifying plastics for 20 years. Its insulating strips are made of Nylon PA66 Granules plus 25% glass fiber. It is the first choice for all kinds of metal doors and windows and curtain walls. Its products have the following characteristics: special coupling agent formula, which maximizes the force between glass fiber and nylon matrix resin, gives excellent thermal properties of heat insulation strip; uses high-efficiency composite antioxidant system with excellent heat Oxygen stability and weather resistance; linear expansion coefficient is similar to aluminum profile, avoiding the insulation strip from falling off from the metal profile due to thermal expansion and contraction; high temperature, alkali resistance, weak acid resistance, salt spray resistance; low water absorption It has high dimensional stability and is not easy to be deformed; it has excellent energy-saving performance and can prevent condensation of indoor moisture on the surface of the profile.