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Application of Modified Plastics in The Automotive Industry

Jul. 08. 2019

Since the plasticization of the interior and exterior parts of automobiles in the 1980s was basically completed, people's attention was naturally focused on the use of PP Modified Material instead of metal materials to achieve weight reduction. So far, the range of applications of plastics in automobiles has been greatly expanded. The following components have been implemented for mass production and loading applications:

(1) General structural parts: including the instrument panel, door, seat, bumper, body panel, wheel cover, steering wheel, trunk, fuel tank, etc. These parts are generally large in size and complex in shape. After using plastics, they not only reduce the quality but more importantly, greatly simplify the process and reduce the cost.

(2) Power and transmission system components: mainly gas system piping parts, engine surface cover, drive shaft, bearings, seals, gears, etc. These plastics are mostly made of fiber reinforced plastic materials, and their performance is comparable to that of non-metallic materials. Currently, they are widely used in automobiles and high-end cars. The promotion and use of popular vehicles is an important goal at present.

(3) Electrical and electronic equipment parts: Due to the insulation and heat insulation properties of plastics, its application in electrical and electronic equipment is unique, mainly including battery casings, various switches, connecting devices, sensors, and generator insulation brackets.

(4) Lighting system components: In recent years, plastics have been widely used in lighting systems such as headlights, such as headlamp assemblies and integrated taillights. Compared with traditional glass, its lightweight, flexible shape, free design, simple process, and low cost have already shown the trend of replacing glass in the application of lighting systems.

Flame Retardant PP Material

Flame Retardant PP Material

Plastics can be divided into thermosetting and thermoplastic. The latter can be divided into general plastics and engineering plastics according to their mechanical properties and heat resistance. The performance of general plastics is low, and the performance of engineering plastics is high. Compared with other automotive materials, plastics have a small specific gravity. In addition, if the reinforcing phase of glass fiber is used to enhance the mechanical properties of engineering plastics, the ratio of tensile strength to density can be comparable to or better than that of common metal materials, making engineering plastics excellent in many places. replacement.

In summary, plastics have become the material of choice for automotive engineers to achieve lightweight. As a High Gloss PP Granules Factory, our company is committed to the development of modified automotive materials, which have superior rigidity and heat resistance, strong plasticity, high mechanical strength, and excellent wear resistance; meet the needs of impact resistance and The material selection criteria for high-strength products have been recognized by manufacturers, and the plasticization of automotive parts has also become an important direction for the development of the automotive industry.

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